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The global energy transmission and delivery infrastructure is transitioning away from fossil fuels toward one that is electric and utilizes as much renewable generation as possible.
 Renewable generation technologies have gotten more cost effective, and it actually makes sense to generate at the point of usage, obviating the need for ever more vast distribution networks. These systems, however, require a way to store energy that is generated intermittently in a way that balances generation and usage effectively. Sure, we have all been using technologies like lead acid and lithium-ion, but these are good at best, not great. There are news reports of advanced technologies like solid state storage and table-top fusion, but those are not here yet and often fantastical technologies live and die as rumors.
In the meantime, we have been working on a robust technology that incorporates the best attributes of the current, “electro-chemical” methods (lead acid and lithium-ion) and an “electro-static” methods known as supercapacitors. Some electro-chemical storage systems hold a lot of energy relative to their weight or size, but they are not very good in terms of lifespan, safety, or efficiency. Capacitors are found in almost every electric circuit in the world and are known to last an extremely long time. They are safe, hardy, and efficient, but they are expensive and not very energy dense.

Often, fantastical technologies live and die as rumors.

Fortunately, we are the world’s experts at properly controlling supercaps.

For more than eight years, we have been working with devices known as hybrid supercapacitors.
These devices exist in the spectrum between chemical and electrostatic devices and ours are dense enough for almost all electrical energy storage applications. They are extremely long lasting, highly efficient, safe, and can be rapidly charged and discharged. They actually share some physical attributes of current battery technologies but operate without the current method of converting electrical energy in and out of an electrolyte, thereby providing them with an extra-long lifespan. Hybrid supercaps are, however, because of their inherent ability to deliver lots of power, not easy to control. Fortunately, we are the world’s experts at properly controlling supercaps.
Here’s the good news: we are now ramping up production of our energy storage systems and have distribution capability in more than 25 countries in Africa, North America, and Europe. As a U.S.-based company servicing global markets, we adhere to the highest quality and certification standards. We have developed some of our technology in Europe and tested it in the harsh conditions of Africa. Within two years we will be producing systems in all three geographies and capable of delivering storage systems small and large.
Here’s the important part: our energy storage systems provide reliable, long-lasting service.
Unfortunately, electro-chemical storage systems (“batteries”), have to be replaced much more frequently than is tolerable in an industry that invests in projects that need to last decades.
The truth is, we all had to live with what was available until something better came along. No more. Ours last many times longer than current technologies and are completely hassle-free. The fact that they last as long as the rest of the system means they can be properly financed over decades without worrying about replacing and recycling them like electrochemical systems.

Forget worrying about frequent battery replacements.

We bring good,
old-fashioned honesty to an industry that sorely needs it.

Going forward, we will be focusing on high-quality stationary storage projects in various sizes from residential to micro-grids, and even utility scale projects.
Additionally, we believe in helping fossil fuel technologies become more efficient and are already collaborating with companies that want to supplement their diesel generators, combined-heat-and-power systems, and even hydrogen fuel cells with our storage products.
We look forward to bringing real excitement, and some good old fashioned honesty to an industry that sorely needs it.
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Our Policy

As a technology company we acknowledge that science is a robust and reliable way to determine what is truth. Science tells us that diversity, not sameness, is an excellence multiplier and essential to our evolution as humans. Science shows us that diverse groups produce better results.
Just as curiosity and learning lead to better research and development, when combined with compassion we are more effective and less oppressive colleagues. If we focus on what we have in common, we can navigate differences and create communities in which everyone is valued, respected, and able to reach their fullest potential. We try hard not to shy away from all aspects of human identity and always look for consensus on how to work as a community.
As a for-profit company, we look for ways to increase our success in the marketplace. As a provider of robust, long-lived renewable energy products, we will use the influence resulting from our success to directly address issues of inequality, racism, bias, and disability in the work that we do.

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